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What Is An Ergonomic Bed and How Does It Differ From My Bed?

I think to understand Ergonomic Beds you first need to understand Ergonomics…

Ergonomics are the shaping of an object such that it mirrors the part of the body that is going to use it. Dohrmann Consulting states that Ergonomics is a branch of science that aims to learn about human abilities and limitations, and then apply this learning to improve people’s interaction with products, systems and environments..

So why does your Bed need to be Ergonomically designed?…

To help better understand what we do, you should assess the following images.
– Image A is a Traditional bed, probably similar to what you are sleeping on.
– Image B is an Ergonomically designed bed.



I know which bed I’d prefer to be sleeping on!

According to Safe Work Australia, in the workforce a total economic cost of work-related injuries and illnesses is estimated to be $60 billion dollars. Recent research has shown that lower back pain is the world’s most common work-related disability – affecting employees from offices, building sites and in the highest risk category, agriculture.

At Beds for Backs we aim to create bed systems which are safe and comfortable, by bringing human abilities and limitations into the design of each bed system, including the individual’s body size, weight, shape and height. Your body changes greatly in weight and shape head to toe and therefore a bed that is flat and uniform will make you, well nearly flat and uniform. This causes distortion and stresses on your spine, instead of relaxation and straight spinal alignment.

So what are the main differences between a Ergonomic Bed and a Conventional Bed?

Ergonomically designed beds provide a high degree of flexibility, not seen in any conventional bed. Our Ergonomic Bed Systems have been recognised by the ATO as a health aid, a claim no other bed manufacturer can make! Even with comfort layers, any conventional bed will not be able to support your body correctly and it will not be suitable for two different body types unless there is a compromise made.

If you suffer from back pain, shoulder pain, hip pain or just purely are interested in a bed that is designed and built for your body, visit one of our 8 Showrooms in Victoria and one of our Ergonomic Experts will help you find a solution to your problem!


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