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Tips & Tricks to Beat the Heat and Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Cool nights and a sound sleep are well in the past now as summer has arrived – and with it, it’s brought sweltering temperatures which seem to linger well after sunset.

It’s nothing new for Aussies, but every year come the sleepless nights and constant tossing and turning. However, this needs to be taken seriously, as sleep is an important part of our daily lives.

The ideal bedroom temperature is between 18-21C and of course, air conditioning is a perfect way to cool down a room. But for those without that luxury, trying to sleep during summer can be a challenge. Once the body reaches 24C, it enters something called the thermoneutral zone, which is where the body starts to take active measures to regulate its temperature.

With that in mind, here are some of our best tips on how you can prepare yourself to sleep well during the hot summer months.

It can be tough to sleep in summer. Look beyond the bed for some ways to cool down.

It can be tough to sleep in summer. Look beyond the bed for some ways to cool down.

1. Lightweight linen

Light bedsheets allow the skin to be more exposed so that sweat can be evaporated off the body. Choose cotton over nylons, as this is more absorbent.

2. Free your feet

Heat and sweat are prominent in the hands, feet and torso, so try to keep the covers off them to allow the body to sweat more freely and regulate temperature.

3. Wet a towel

A moistened towel will keep the body cool. An alternative to this is to dampen your sheets by putting them on a short spin cycle.

4. Chill out

A simple trick is to fill a hot water bottle and place it in the freezer during the day – voila, a bed-friendly ice pack.

By being creative, there are many ways you can sleep better in summer.

By being creative, there are many ways you can sleep better in summer.

5. Be creative

If you have a fan, try to think outside the box. Don’t fall into the trap of pointing the fan directly at you. Instead, point it at the window to push the hot air out.

6. Unplug

Something we often overlook, but electrical appliances give off heat. This simple hack will help reduce temperatures in the room and also save you some dollar too!

7. Water, water, water

A cool glass of water next to your bed will keep you cool, refreshed and hydrated during those long summer nights.

8. Purchase a Cooling Layer

At Beds for Backs we have a unique 3D cooling layer that helps air circulate around you while laying on your mattress. Drop instore and talk to one of our Consultants about our 3D Cooling Layers.

These simple tips and tricks will really make a difference in the bedroom to help you get the rest you deserve. After all, sleep is the most important part of the day and the bed is where it starts.

While these tips may be hard to stick to, we know that you will wake up feeling better this summer if you give them a shot. Tell us on Facebook – what are your best summer sleep tips?

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