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The struggles I encountered when buying a bed for hip and back pain…

Research phase

I had just accepted a position in ‘Sales and Marketing’ at Beds for Backs. To ready myself for this, I went shopping at all major Bedding Outlets in Preston, to see what information other bed companies were providing to customers. I made my way down to Northland Home-Makers Centre and visited six different bed showrooms; Snooze, Forty Winks, BedShed, Bev Marks, Beds n’ Dreams and Harvey Norman. In all stores I stated that,  “I am looking to purchase a queen size bed. My father suffers hip pain and my mother suffers from back pain and discomfort”. These issues being quite relevant and common to what many people experience.

Information provided by the sales consultants

Store: Bev Marks
Time: 10:03am
Consultant: Darren

Darren recommended 5-Zone Technology because it would help with pressure point problems. He also stated that a firmer mattress will be to severe on the hip, so opting for a plush mattress would be ideal. Darren believed that SleepMaker, King Koil or Comfort Sleep would be best suited for ‘my parents’, and to avoid Sealy as they do not handle pressure terribly well. The price ranges between all three brands of queen mattresses were between $1,698 – $6,999. However, Darren advised me that SleepMaker would be the ideal choice as it will help with pressure, as the springs aren’t joint together. He also stated that comfort should be of high priority, as all Bev Marks mattresses are good. 

Forty Winks
Time: 10:41am
Consultant: Scott

Scott recommended 5-Zone Technology because it will help contour to the body. He also stated that memory foam as a comfort layer would be ideal, as it has pressure point relieving properties. He stated that Sealy mattresses will still give ‘my parents’ great support, but because the springs are joint together, partner disturbance will be a major issue. Scott recommended King Koil or Comfort Sleep, and the price ranged from $1,320 – $2,250 for a queen mattress.

Time: 10:58am
Consultant: Emily

Emily firstly stated that ‘my parents’ should be tested on Snooze’s profiler, which will give them a massage to measure pressure and provide a suggested comfort layer. She suggested that a pocket spring mattress with any comfort layer would be ideal. Emily recommended A Madison or Sealy mattress for back and hip pain. However, she stressed that comfort should be the main priority as it will help ‘my parents’ to sleep. Emily advised me that Snooze’s sale is “one of the best sales out of all of the mattress companies”, as their promotion was “any size for the price of a single”. The queen mattresses Emily suggested ranged from $2,999 – $6,399.

Beds n’ Dreams
Time: 11:17am
Consultant: Elaine

Elaine recommended the Neoluxe 12-Zone and Hypnos 5-Zone Technology, as they are “Australia’s best mattresses and constantly win awards”. She stated that the Hypnos 5-Zone mattress is the most comfortable bed in the world, as it is pressure relieving due to its pocket springs. Elaine advised me that a medium mattress would be ideal as it would soften over time. The queen mattresses Elaine suggested ranged from $2,449 – $2,909.

Time: 11:29am
Consultant: Parteek

Parteek recommended that SleepMaker, Kingsdown or Tempur would be the best choice for hip and back pain. Parteek suggested that a memory foam mattress would be comfortable for ‘my parents’, however, it would depend on their preferences. Parteek stated that comfort and a mattress with the latest technology is ideal. The queen mattresses Parteek suggested ranged from $3,299 – $8,999.

Harvey Norman
Time: 11:50am
Consultant: Manoj

Manoj stated that comfort should be the main priority. He suggested that the feel of the mattress can be plush, medium or firm. Manoj recommended Sleep Maker, Tempur and King Koil, as they are great for partner disturbance. However, he said the brand of the mattress shouldn’t be a deciding factor when purchasing a mattress for back and hip pain, instead comfort should be the main priority. The queen mattresses Manoj suggested were $2299.

Evaluation of information

I found the process very confusing, however I did notice some reoccurring patterns throughout all six showroom’s…

  1. Comfort was a priority over support
  2. Shape or weight of the person is irrelevant
  3. The material of the bed does not matter
  4. A 5-zone mattress is a must for hip and shoulder pressure relief
  5. Soft, medium and firm mattresses will all help hip and back pain
  6. The price of the mattresses fall between $1,320 – $8,999

I am feeling very confused

 I was confused on why there was no cohesion between any sales consultants in which brand or type of bed I should purchase for my parents. Each store recommended a different mattress brand and level of firmness for back and hip pain, although I noticed that the showroom’s supplied the same brands of mattresses. This made the buying process a lot more complicated then I thought it would be. I started to doubt the whole process and really questioned if the sales consultants had my parents best interest at heart or if they were simply just uneducated on the products they were selling.


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