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"I would recommend talking to Hanz he is very knowledgeable" Katrina

“I would recommend talking to Hanz he is very knowledgeable. We were physically unable to get to Melbourne so everything was completed over the phone. After a few calls and consulting with their engineer because our back injury was not simple they cam up with the Dial Bed. We have had this bed now for 3 to 4 months. We have changed the settings twice as comfort levels changed. I really love this part of being able to customise the bed to our body aches and pains. Well worth the investment. Thank you so much for all your help. Definitely recommend them.”

"He was absolutely fantastic in his product knowledge and customer service" Abbie

“I visited the Nunawading store about 3 months ago to purchase a new mattress. I had done a lot of research on different mattress types beforehand and had gone to many other stores. I tried Bed for Backs after seeing a tv ad, and dealt with Rick instore. He was absolutely fantastic in his product knowledge and customer service and gave me all of the details I needed to make an informed decision without being pushy.

I was back the next day to purchase, received my new bed within the estimated delivery time, and haven't had a single regret since. Most comfortable mattress I tried, with perfect support and cushioning. The only hard part now is leaving bed of a morning!”

"Rick Morris has been wonderful in following up any necessary adjustments at no extra charge" J. Guthrie

“Above King bed bought 2009. Initial installation was fine. Since then body changes & back issues have necessitated in contacting Bed4Backs regarding adjusting mattress. Rick Morris has been wonderful in following up any necessary adjustments at no extra charge. His care and attention to one's needs is marvellous & one never feels that one is an imposition. Highly recommend this product with the knowledge that it is a bed for life, & that customer service is second to none. Well done, Rick.”

J. Guthrie
"We purchased a dial adjustable bed two years ago. Loved it but my husband's health needs changed and we needed an electric bed with head and foot elevation" Carole and John Dunbar

“We purchased a dial adjustable bed two years ago. Loved it but my husband's health needs changed and we needed an electric bed with head and foot elevation. Went back to Campbellfield store to discuss our needs with Alex. He went out of his way to meet our request, to the extent of having our new bed made and delivered within two weeks, also amazingly made a cost consideration from the purchase price of our previous bed. You just can't get better customer satisfaction than that. We are loving the new bed, it allows us both to have a more restful night's sleep. We both couldn't recommend a product or company more highly.”

Carole and john dunbar
"After pointing out a manufacturing fault, Beds for backs replaced our 6 year old mattress for free! I wasn't expecting that! Very happy" Julie B
"Absolutely the most comfortable & healthy mattress ever. The bed's slat system was specially set up for us" Helen

“Have just replaced our Getha latex mattress after 11 years and the new ones are even better. Absolutely the most comfortable and healthy mattress ever. The bed's slat system was specially set up for us. Still going strong, it does an amazing job considering I'm short, light and a front sleeper while my husband is tall and heavy and a side sleeper. Perfect for odd couples! And as return customers we got a great deal and the usual friendly service. Thanks!”

"Congratulations on a job well done" Mary Martino

“As a MS sufferer for the last 6 years, I had such a hard time finding a suitable bed for me to get some rest. Working at Myer, I think I wore out the sales consultant in the Bedding Department as I purchased 3 different mattress/base beds, to no avail. I used to wake up in the morning with the sorest neck and spine pain that would make my life unbearable. My last thought was try a bed at “Beds for Backs”, and I thank the lord that I did. I now have a restful night’s sleep and I wake up with feeling like I have actually slept. This is helping me with my pain as it is much more manageable. I have told all my friends/colleagues/relatives about the great sleep that I am having in my new beautiful bed. Thanks again, the staff at DFO Essendon were very helpful and knowledgeable. ”

Mary Martino
"Purchased two mattresses from Peter Cockrum @ your South Melbourne Store" Daryl Lee

“We had previously encountered Peter @ DFO Essendon and were most happy with his total professionalism and sales approach to the point I would personally recommend that he train all of Beds 4 Backs staff in how to sell beds to customers. Peter was totally professional and only interested in selling the customer exactly what he identified through discussion the customer needed and was an appropriate mattress for their needs.

As an example of how happy my wife and I were with Peter initially about a month or so ago, when we found he wasn’t @ DFO Essendon where we had previously encountered him on a Sunday, we quickly through your DFO store identified where he was working last Sunday and travelled along way out of our way (we live near Tullamarine Airport) to South Melbourne to have Peter sell us the mattresses we required. His attention to detail is second to none.

Peter is a total professional and an asset to Beds 4 Backs. Please treat and reward him appropriately.”

Darryl lee
"Get that illusive ‘Good Nights Sleep!" Susan Golding

“Some twenty-two years ago I was working as a landscape gardener, and was physically securing my load of boulder on the back of my tip-truck. I spread each load out as evenly as possible – to ensure a better and safer drive back to the …..yard and to make sure of no damage to the large boulders during the trip. I was very tired and was stepping backwards looking over the load to see it was as level as possible. I literally stepped off the back of the trip-truck onto ground below.

I sustained considerably damage to my spine and have suffered greatly with severe back pain ever since. A few years ago I had a total knee replacement was also partly a result of this. A comfortable nights sleep was most uncommon for me, and when I purchased my new bed from Beds for Backs recently I was hopeful although not all that confident of being able to get that illusive “Good Nights Sleep”! The first few nights with my new bed I thought it was just because it was – “A new bed has to be better than the old one”, but it is not only better it is really fantastic and I have told anyone who listens about the relief I am experiencing, after all this time through the benefit of this new bed and yes Mario, I really do wake up smiling!!! Thanking you.”

Susan golding
1800 96 10 10