Happiness Guarantee 60 Night, Adjust or Replace Guarantee

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Ergonomically designed

At Beds for Backs, our beds are ergonomically designed and engineered to provide zero stress to your back, hip and shoulders; giving you extra comfort, real support and the best rest, your body needs.

Test - Learn - Consider - Make an Informed Choice

To find the best bed for you, our consultants will help you test, learn and compare so that you make an informed choice. If after purchase you are not satisfied with your selection, you can change your choice through our 60 night adjust or replace happiness guarantee.

Happiness Guarantee Conditions

Conditions common to all cases above:

  1. There must be a genuine problem.
  2. This Happiness Guarantee DOES NOT apply to non Ergolife Products.
  3. Beds for Backs must be notified of the problem within 60 days of Delivery.
  4. Mattress must have been encased in a Protect-a-Bed Allerzip mattress protector at all times, which had been purchased at the original point of sale.
  5. Customer bears all delivery and pick-up costs:
    • from the factory, OR
    • from the Showroom + $50; OR
    • organise your own delivery and pick up to the factory.
  6. Does not apply to Floorstock purchases.
  7. The Happiness Guarantee ONLY applies to the original bed purchase.
  8. If you are still unhappy with your changeover, within 90 days of the changeover date, you may return it and receive a credit note up to 75% of the original purchase price.
  9. For “Upgrades” you will be required to pay the difference.
  10. For “Downgrades” you will receive a credit note to the value of the difference.
  11. All credit notes are:
    • redeemable only at the original Beds for Backs showroom of purchase;
    • are valid for 6 months;
    • transferable to other members of family and friends.

The Happiness Guarantee Conditions may change without prior notification.

However the applicable “Happiness Guarantee Conditions” are those displayed at the time of purchase and at participating Beds for Backs showrooms only.

Happiness Guarantee Conditions – applicable to the following ranges

  1. Ergolife Active and ErgoLife Contour Mattresses:
    • You are able to change the spring unit or padding layers once within the same quilting and borders
  2. Mattresses with ErgoLife Zero Stress Bases & Kits:
    • Mattresses may be interchanged, differences in prices will apply
  3. Zero Stress Base:
    • You can upgrade to a Zero Stress Dial Base but not downgrade
    • You can request hard flat slats at a nominal fee of $ 40 for 1 side, $ 80 both sides; or
    • Exchange posture-slats for hard, flat slats at no charge
  4. Zero Stress-Kit:
    • You can request hard flat slats at a nominal fee of $40 for the 1 side, $80 both sides; or
    • Exchange posture-slats for hard, flat slats at no charge.
  5. Zero Stress Dial Base:
    • Dial bases last nearly a lifetime, allowing all sorts of body-alignment positions and you will have no need to change the base
    • The only change you may need is switching to a Dial Base of a different size (DB, QS, KS) with no price adjustment up or down
  6. Eco Latex Mattresses
    • You are able to change a Getha Mattress to Natura or Aero (you can only upgrade not downgrade)
    • You can change Natura to Aero (you can only upgrade not downgrade)
    • Differences in prices may apply for an upgrade


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