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Active Lifestyle

If you live an active lifestyle with regular exercise and physical activity, then it’s important that you have ergonomic rest to perform at your best, or what most of us call a good night’s sleep!

Sleep is essential for energy, mental rejuvenation and physical recovery. In simple terms, when you sleep, you replace, repair and rebuild – which are needed for workout warriors and active lifestylers.

To achieve quality sleep, you need a bed that provides zero stress, supporting you ergonomically by adjusting to the unique size and shape of your body and your lifestyle. Beds for Backs is the home of ergonomic beds; the only beds that provide real support and the best rest your body needs.

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Do you have a physically strenuous job which takes its toll on your lower back, shoulders or legs. Whether you’re a hardworking tradie, a removalist, landscape gardener, construction worker, massage therapist, nurse or patient carer, your body needs ergonomic rest so that you can perform at your best day after day.

Ergonomic rest simply means a quality night’s sleep in a bed that provides zero stress, adjusts to the unique size and shape of your body and complements the type of work you do.

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Young growing bodies need a good night’s sleep filled with quality ZZZZ’s!  In fact, some experts say kids aged 5 to 12 need 10 to 11 hours of sleep each night. Without quality sleep, kids can have trouble listening, forget what they’ve learned, make poor choices and become just plain grumpy! No thanks!

At Beds for Backs, we have a range of bases and mattresses for kids, teens and in-betweens.

Our ergonomic and conventional beds provide the posture support a growing body needs during development so your children can enjoy improved rest and concentration and overall better health. Best of all, we have beds that can be adjusted to support your child’s growth so that you don’t have to replace their bed every few years.

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Mature Age

Australia has an active and aging population living and loving life no matter what their age.

So if you’re loving your sixties or embracing your seventies and beyond but you don’t quite spring out of bed the way you used to, make sure you have an ergonomic bed to give you the best rest your body needs.

Our range of ergonomic beds and mattresses are designed to gently support your shoulders and hips and provide real and adjustable lower back support. Explore the Ergo Electric range and find out more about its adjustable electric base with head and foot lift, Zero Gravity positioning, remote control plus pure comfort for reading and watching TV.

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Specific Needs

Did you know that one in five Australians live with pain? In fact, neck, shoulder and lower back pain are some of the most common conditions. Considering most people spend roughly a third of their lives in bed, it’s important to choose a bed that will support and provide relief for your specific health needs. If you have lower back pain, sleeping on a flat uniform mattress that sags in the middle can put your spine into an unsupported and unnatural position. A definite NO! NO!

Beds for Backs has a range of ergonomic mattresses and bases to suit your specific health need. Our mattresses are designed to gently support your shoulders and hips and provide real and adjustable lower back support. Scientifically proven, Australian made and backed by our 60 Night Happiness Guarantee, our beds allow the structures in the neck, shoulders and spine to rest and rejuvenate during the night, we call this zero stress.

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Weights & Sizes

We all come in different weights, shapes and sizes. Some of us are tall, others are short, some of us are slender and others are much cuddlier. When it comes to our bodies there is no “one size fits all”. Your dimensions are unique and so should your choice of mattress.  Why would you choose to sleep on a flat mattress that was designed with, well, “no body” in mind? The answer is….you shouldn’t.

An ergonomic bed will provide real support for your unique shape and size as well as your partners if that is the case. Unlike a conventional bed, ergonomic beds are designed with flexibility, allowing you to adjust the shoulder, lumbar and hip areas, in order to support your entire body while you sleep. They also reduce roll-to-centre and disturbance of partners resulting in a better sleep regardless of your weight and size.

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