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Spring time allergies & your bed

image001Spring is here and as Melburnians welcome the warmer weather, we’re rudely reminded with a multitude of sneezes, itchy eyes and a scratchy throat that our allergies are back with a vengeance! It’s commonly understood that pollen from trees, freshly cut grass and even some food can trigger our allergies, but did you know there are allergens in the bedroom too?



You aren’t alone in bed

image003Unfortunately our beds can be home to unwelcome guests who aren’t so great for us and our allergies. Without the necessary protection, dust mites, bed bugs and bacteria can be found in mattresses and bed sheets. Not to mention stains, spills and mould!

Dust mites aren’t polite guests, they’ll produce waste up to 20 times a day in your mattress. These particles are easily pushed into the air when disturbed (you getting in or out of bed, for example) and contain a protein which is known to prompt asthma attacks and allergies.

Choose a bed that has allergy free properties

You should also understand that there are many components in a bed mattress with some of them creating allergic reactions in some people. If you are prone to allergies maybe you should be looking for a mattress that has the benefits of pure natural products without chemical residues or man-made foams. Pure natural latex contains allergy free properties as long as it has not received any chemical treatments. Those that have impregnated cooling properties or chemical hardeners to make them firm should not be considered if you suffer allergic reactions. Make sure you understand what is in the product before you buy as you don’t want to end up sleeping on a problem. At Beds for Backs they only use pure natural latex without any chemical inclusions. The Aero latex mattress, for example, is breathable with an interconnecting cell structure that provides natural ventilation, allowing heat & body moisture to dissipate. This keeps the mattress hygienic and reduces the risk of bacteria and mould.

image005Use protection

Choose a good quality and effective mattress protector such as the range from Protect-A-Bed. Aside from protecting your mattress from spills and stains, some designs accommodate sensitive skin and eczema in addition to preventing dust mites by completely sealing the mattress.

Keep it regular

It seems obvious, but you should wash your bed sheets once every fortnight at least! It’s easy to forget this cumbersome task, but doing so will avoid the gathering of dead skin, dust and other triggers for allergies such as pet hair.

Visited a trusted bedding retailer to find out more

Beds for Backs have a range of ergonomic and hypoallergenic mattress options, some with our 60 Night Happiness Guarantee. You can also view our range of Protect-a-Bed accessories to help you achieve a comfortable and allergy-free sleep each night. Find your local store here.


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