• Blog, June 2017

The number one bed accessory you need this winter

Coming into winter, it’s time to stop pretending that we don’t use our beds to eat, sleep and watch TV with some cozy blankets on and the heater turned up full blast. We often have kids, pets and partners using our beds too, in all sorts of muddy and dirty states from playing outside in the winter fun (read: puddles & mud).

Beds in Melbourne are doubling as work and dinner table

These days, our beds tend to double as living room, kitchen, movie theatre and kids play area.

Our mattresses and beds are an investment. That’s why we need to make sure that they can keep up with our lifestyles, but also last the distance. At Beds for Backs, we stock and recommend Protect-a-Bed Mattress Protectors with every bed that we sell. In fact – we trust them so much, they’re part of our happiness guarantee!

Our guarantee is part of our commitment to selling the best mattresses in Melbourne

They are fully Australian owned, and endorsed for use by people with asthma, snoring or eczema to reduce symptoms in bed. They can also protect your bed from muck, mess and stains from everyday living.

The best mattresses in Melbourne are good for the whole family

With the addition of soggy pets and muddy winter boots, cozy nights in bed are a disaster without a good mattress protector.

A good mattress protector will stop stains, liquid, foods, spills and body fluids from seeping down into the mattress where they can be impossible to clean. Throughout a lifetime of use, this can make a huge difference to the condition, look and safety of your mattress. Not only do they protect your bed from muck, liquid and use, there is also a variety of nasties that we can’t see that they protect you from.

The best mattress for you should have good protection


All these nasties can accumulate in your bed without you even realising. While trying to keep your bed and mattress clean from visible dirt and muck is hard enough, your mattress and bed can be a breeding ground for allergens, bacteria and mould which make you sick!  Putting proper protection in place can ensure that your mattress stays clean and healthy longer.

Not only are mattress protectors are must when it comes to using your bed for your lifestyle, and protecting yourself from nasties, Protect-a-Bed Bed Protectors also come with an unbelievable 10 year guarantee for keeping your mattress stain-proof!

Beds for Backs works with Protect-a-bed to be the best mattress store in Melbourne

If you want to protect your mattress investment, and keep yourself and your family healthy through winter, a Protect-a-Bed mattress protector is a must. Visit your local Beds for Backs Store to pick one up, or visit our accessories page for more information on why you need to Protect your Bed with Protect-a-Bed.


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