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Is Memory Foam all it’s cracked up to be?

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Getting a good night’s sleep is important to everyone- whether it be that you need to be well rested to chase your career, your kids or your sporting goals, we all want the best rest. This is particularly important if we find it difficult to get a good sleep.

The elusive good night’s sleep that we never seem to get can leave us feeling like the proverbial princess and the pea – and we are willing to try any sort of contraption and mattress to try to get a comfier night.

So – with the buzz around Memory Foam: Is it the answer?

Memory foam was invented in the 1960s by NASA, for use in aircraft and shuttle seats, to try to relieve pressure sores for pilots and astronauts. Despite only bursting into consumer awareness in the last 20 years, memory foam is not a particularly new technology.

Memory foam moulds to the shape of the body where it is heaviest and warmest. This means that while it can make an excellent comfort layer, it is not the answer to getting your best rest. A memory foam mattress will eventually sag where your body is the heaviest, and this can leave your body out of alignment. Memory foam also works on body heat, and is known to trap heat, leading to overheating. It is also common that memory foam can trap bad odours and be difficult to clean.

It is important to note that memory foam is definitely not appropriate for young children or infants due to the SIDS risk.

Memory foam makes a great comfort layer to avoid pressure sores or feel a bit more comfy, but it does not keep you in a good position for best rest on it’s own. While it does feel nicer, it is not the answer to better rest.

What’s the verdict on memory foam?

Memory Foam Mattress

As you can see in this mattress cutaway, memory foam simply makes up the comfort layer, but makes no difference to the support – which is still provided by springs.

Basically: Memory foam makes an excellent comfort layer for a mattress, but it is not the answer to getting the best support for your body. You need a mattress and bed solution that can be adjusted to your unique needs, that keeps your body in a zero stress position rather than just sagging where you are heaviest. This zero-stress position is recommended by chiropractors and ergonomists as being the best position for rest and recovery. Only an ergonomic mattress can keep you in this position. You can read more about why you ought to go ergonomic, here.

At Beds for Backs, we stock Ergolife Ergonomic Mattresses that will keep you in this zero stress position. If you are wild about memory foam, we can keep you in a zero stress position with our bed base and mattress system – and you can choose your very own comfort layer, including memory foam. Contact us or visit one of our stores, to view our range, and get your best rest tonight.


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