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Making your child’s room a teen’s hideaway

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As your child approaches becoming a teenager, it’s an excellent time to update their bedroom. Teenagers see their bedroom as serving a variety of functions: a hideaway, a place to entertain, a study room and a chill-out zone. Helping your teenager to create a comfortable and useful bedroom can help you grow together, and help them make the transition to becoming more independent. Here are some of our tips to help you plan a new bedroom with your child.

1. Draw out a floorplan

Teenagers use their bedroom for everything from study space to café. Setting up different zones for these activities can assist in healthy sleep and study habits.

Sit down and work out what sort of space you’re working with. Mark out different areas for different purposes, like a study area, a rest area and a social zone. Having these areas clearly delineated can help your child find the motivation to study, but also know where to go and wind down. You can play different colours with your teen for each of these areas, so they are all different, even in a small space.

2. Seek your child’s input

Sit down with your child and work out what they like and how they want their bedroom to look. They will have the best ideas for their own room – in terms of colours, décor and needs. Try to work out how to incorporate space for valued items, and hobbies, as well as social mementos. A teenager’s social life becomes increasingly important during this time, so help them to find places where they can have friends over, and put mementos and photos of their friendships.

3. Plenty of storage

As your child gets older, they will accumulate a lot of stuff – school books, clothes and entertainment items, and be less motivated to clean up or pack things away. If you provide adequate storage space, the room will be easier to manage and reduce arguments over cleanliness, as well as making sure there is enough space for all of your child’s belongings to be put away tidily.

4. Incorporate some cool

Items relating to hobbies or dream holiday destinations can be used as accent items

There are heaps of awesome ideas about what to add to your teen’s bedroom all across the web. Try painting a wall in chalkboard paint so they can write and study on the wall! Other girls love things like fairy lights or an opportunity to create their own art work or wallpaper to go on their walls. Make sure you also invest in a cork board for some vision-board making or somewhere to put up important notices and photos. A hanging, swinging chair or hammock can add a spark of cool to a teenager’s room and give them somewhere to relax.

5. Make the bed the rockstar of the room

Accents and colours from bedding and manchester can be used to create interesting feature walls

Teens will spend most of their time hanging out on their bed or on a couch in their room. Create a cozy nook for your bed by incorporating some colour from the bedspread that continues out onto the walls, some cool throw pillows, or some privacy-creating netting. Somewhere to put books, drinks and snacks near the bed will always be appreciated! Teenagers may also be ready to transition in to their first “adult” bed, in a double or queen size for extra space while studying and relaxing. Remember to place the bed not too far from electric wall sockets, as many teenagers will want to use their laptop to study or surf the web while sitting on their bed.


At Beds for Backs, we know how important your child’s rest is to you and them. As children age into teenagers, studies show that the amount they spend asleep will increase greatly as they grow and learn more than ever before in their lives. We are committed to helping your child stay healthy and achieve best rest. Visit one of our stores to try out our range of fully adjustable children and adolescent’s beds that will grow with them and allow for maximum rest.


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