• Blog, June 2017

What on earth is a mattress topper? Do I need one?

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Setting up a comfy bed for yourself is a challenge when you get into all the accessories, linen and bells and whistles that you can have.

At Beds for Backs, we aim to take the spin out of the mattress and bedding industry and tell it to you straight. Here we offer our no-jargon explanation of a mattress topper and when you might want to get one.

Mattress toppers differ from mattress protectors in that they are designed to make your bed feel more comfortable, but not necessarily to protect your mattress from spills, stains and dust. If you have one of our ergonomic beds, you can be certain that you have the right support in the right places to keep yourself in the zero-stress position that is the most rejuvenating for your body and promotes sleep. If you don’t have an ergonomic bed, no matter how comfortable your bed might feel, you can’t be assured that your body is in the best position for maximum rest.

Mattress toppers aren’t designed to make your bed support you better, and they can’t improve the structure of your mattress. They are designed to make your mattress feel more comfortable for you and your partner. They do this in a variety of ways, and depending on the type of material and options you select, mattress toppers make it easy to change and customise your beds feel to your personal preference without compromising support. They can also help reduce partner disturbance and assist with snoring.

Latex, memory foam, foam mattress toppers can conform to the natural curves of your body, and mirror the feeling of a pillow top or memory foam top mattress, without the extra cost. Mattress toppers can also extend the life of mattress – meaning that you can get better value of money out of a great mattress, or save up to buy a new mattress. Some toppers can also have different comfort layers on each side, so the feel can be customised to each partner.

At Beds for Backs, our mattress toppers are fully customisable to the comfort and feel that you want with your bed. They come with a zipper, so that you can change out the comfort layer and choose the thickness and material that you want inside – including memory foam and latex. This means that you can upgrade your mattress to having a memory foam comfort layer for the fraction of the cost of a new mattress.

Mattress toppers are an excellent way to customise the feel and comfort of your bed to what you and your partner like, without the cost or fuss of changing your mattress or the fuss of replacing your mattress. They are wonderful for creating a comfortable feel, but only a truly ergonomic bed can keep you in the zero-stress position that is best for your body and promotes rest. If you are looking to make your mattress more comfortable, a mattress topper might be a solution, but only an ergonomic bed can offer you the true best rest.

For further information on our mattress toppers contact us. You can also view our range of ergonomic beds to see how to get your best rest tonight.


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