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The Best Bed for Back Pain

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Back Problems are one of the most common conditions affecting Australians. The Australian Bureau of Statistics reports that approximately 16% of the population have a chronic back pain issue. They also estimate that approximately 70-90% of people will experience a problem with lower back pain in their life.

Back pain slows us down, is no fun, and stops us from doing the things that we want to do. If you are doing everything you can to protect your back – consider what role your bed can play for you.

How can my bed protect my back?

Chiropractors, health professionals and ergonomists all recommend that to get better rest, protect your back, and to aid recovery – your body needs to be in the zero stress position. A zero stress position is where your body has its spine in a perfectly neutral position, so there is no strain or stress on it.

This means that your body is able to rest properly, repair itself, and avoid pain as the spine is not being pulled out of alignment by your heavier shoulders, stomach and hips. You can see independent scientific reports of the benefits of the zero-stress position here.

How do I achieve this with my bed?

The only way to achieve the zero stress position with a bed, is for it to be fully ergonomic. This means that it needs to be able to adjust for your unique body type, shape and height to keep you in this position. A study conducted by Dr Ray Hayek, Macquarie University, Sydney, School of Chiropractic reported that use of variable support (ergonomics) showed the following benefits:

  • Decrease in “disc wedging” demonstrating less tension and compression at those levels.
  • Decreased spinal rotation.
  • Improved spinal alignment closer to the ‘zero stress’ posture.
  • Notably improved pressure distribution demonstrating a significant decrease of peak pressure points.

The science shows: the best way to avoid pain and stress on your body, is to have a fully variable, adjustable ergonomic bed. You can read more about how we know our beds are ergonomic here, or more on the benefits of ergonomics here.

Our customers think so too:

At Beds for Backs, we are passionate about best rest and alleviating maybe back pain and ability to rest and recover from injury. That is why we stock the Ergolife Ergonomic Bed Range – fully adjustable to your unique body needs, to keep you in a zero stress position. Our customers are pretty passionate about the results too!

You can see this review, and more, on http://www.productreview.com.au/p/beds-for-backs.html

Contact us today, or visit one of our stores to try out the ergonomic difference. We guarantee that you will feel the difference, even in the showroom.


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