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Electric Adjustable Beds give many more positions in which to lie and rest than a flat fixed bed.

They are great as life-style beds.

They are indispensable for people with health conditions or restrictions.

In order to be adjustable to thousands of possible positions - these beds need steel frames for the moving panels, an under-carriage, electric motors, controls, special wheels or feet, mattresses that can bend, Hi-Lo lift equipment etc. etc. This makes them much more expensive. If - they are not - beware the quality.

It is important that if you spend so much more money - that they ARE able to do all that you require them to do and more.

Selecting them needs careful thought on what your current requirements are and what these will be in the future. You cannot change them every 2-3 years.

Another factor to consider is:

Because of the moving panels, moving joints and knuckles, electric motor, electronic controls etc, you WILL inevitably have problems from time to time and may need to replace some parts.

Therefore - - it is very important you buy from companies that:

a) can support and service your bed in the area you live, and

b) will be around and carry spare parts if - and when - you need them

Because of all of the above, we feel that very careful considerations must be made when buying electric adjustable beds and no recommendations should be given without US seeing who you are, your body, your needs etc. and YOU - testing the beds the features etc.

We therefore have a Trained Specialist to consider all of your requirements and give you factual and practical answers and solutions.

Please call XXXXXXXXXXXXX at any time.

Depending on the time of your call, if the phone is unattended, please leave us your name and phone number. We will return your call within 12 hours.

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