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WELCOME TO beds for backs Our mission

'To introduce all Australians and specifically you - our customers, to the undeniable benefits provided by ergonomically designed beds'

(Just like the benefits we enjoy from ALL ergonomically designed articles we use in everyday life – our motorcar seats, controls, pedals etc., office furniture and machines at work etc. shoes, general articles etc.)


Do we do what we do?

At Beds for Backs, we understand that ultimately the growth of our business is dependent upon the quality of sleep and rest our customers receive. Hence our passion with sharing the enormous health benefits that only ergonomically designed beds are able to give you and hoping you will appreciate and buy.


Do we do it?

We invite all who of you who visit our showroom, to Test and Compare beds with and without the features, Listen to your body, Understand the construction of and the support qualities of different models to ultimately make an informed choice as to which is the right bed for you, your particular needs and your budget.


Do we do?

We constantly talk to Health Professionals, Researchers, Bed Designers and Ergonomists. To that end, we attend all major global bedding exhibitions. We research, develop, and select only the best ergonomic products which are scientifically engineered and proven to provide our customers with correct support & ultimately true comfort – all night through.

Health Professionals and Engineers constantly remind us that:

1. A bed cannot give you comfort without ‘supporting your body in its Natural Alignment’

2. Don’t be fooled by the ‘feel of the comfort layers’ – without quality support, your body is being constantly strained. In particular - your shoulders, your pelvis and arch in your spine are all under stress and your shoulders and hips are experiencing reduced blood-flow’

If you are not convinced, visit: The Facts/The evidence of Scientific Studies page

What Is Ergonomics? - the shaping of an object such that it mirrors the part of the body that is going to use it.

Why Does Your Bed Need To Be Ergonomically Designed? - your body changes greatly in weight and shape from head to toe and therefore a bed that is flat and uniform will make You – nearly flat and uniform (including your shoulders, lumbar arch and hips) causing distortion and stresses instead of relaxation and zero-stress.

Visit our Ergonomic Bed Range and discover how Ergolife engineered the perfect night’s sleep. Ergonomic Bed Range

helps you reduce bed-induced stresses in 2 ways:

Tried, tested & true

For over 20 years we have been committed to designing and developing the worlds best ergonomic sleep systems.

Our ErgoLife™ products are the only Ergonomic mattress, base and lumbar systems on the market that have been independently tested and recognised by the Australian government as a health aid meaning you can buy with confidence at GST free prices.

We are so serious about the supply of support to any mattress and the comfort it produces to it that

We will not sell a normal mattress (like those supplied by the well-known brands through other retail stores) on its own without adding to it a – ‘variable ergonomic lumbar support feature – absolutely free’ !

Special Offer:
Quality Pocket Spring Queen Size Mattress with Ergonomic Lumbar Support only $ 990

Explore our whole Range in Detail

Ergonomic Mattresses

Mattresses for every budget and every body shape.

View Bases

You have never seen bases like this before.

View Accessories

The perfect bed needs the perfect accessories.

Electric Beds

Comfort on a whole new level.

Pocket Spring Beds

Much more than a conventional spring bed.

Latex Mattresses

Pressure relief, good ventilation and allergy free.

Beds Heads & Bases

Contemporary design for your new bedroom.

Luxury Beds

High quality, uncompromised support and the best rest.

Kids Range

Young growing bodies need proper support and comfort.

Top of the range

When it comes to the ‘feel’ of your mattress we offer a comprehensive range of materials (foams, memory foam and latex) in different densities and firmness, each of the ‘best quality’ available in Australia for maximum longevity of wear. Plus – with our ErgoLife™ and Classique ranges you are able to customize your own.

Partner likes soft and you prefer firm? Not a problem we can even split the top for two completely different zones and individualize each side – for each partner. In fact, our SELECT model is unique. It allows you to ‘open the top of the mattress and change the feel for each or both partners any time you want – as you want. Summer, Winter, Just for a change, Just as you like.

Try before you buy

Call us old school but we still believe in ‘Try before you buy’, that’s why we have 9 convenient locations across Melbourne all with Ergonomic professional staff ready to answer your questions or concerns to advise you on how to acheive the perfect night’s sleep.


Speak to a real person

We love a chat, that’s why we offer 24/7 support. Have a question or concern? Need to schedule in a delivery time or just want some friendly advice? Our live chat operators are available to help or take a message right now. Of course you can still call us on 1800 96 10 10

Free call – 1800 96 10 10


Don't worry, be happy!

60 night
Happiness guarantee

Purchasing a bed is a considered financial decision, our experts take the time to educate and advise you on the right product for you, but what if you’re just not ‘feeling’ it?

No problem, take home any of our ErgoLife™ or Classique branded mattess and bases and test it for 60 nights! Yes 60 nights, and if you’re not happy with your choice for any reason we will adjust or replace your items*.

*Conditions apply.

Why buy with Beds 4 Backs?

Please feel free to read through the hundreds of happy customer reviews or start a live chat to speak to one of our experts 24/7.

Aside from being the industry leader in ergonomically designed sleep systems for over 30 years and having the only sleep systems in the industry recognised as a health aid, the experts at Beds for Backs are passionate about sleep ergonomics and truly care about your health and comfort.

Beds for Backs are specialists in the area of sleep ergonomics. Our management team are very selective when choosing staff to ensure we only employ Ergonomic Sleep Experts who care about giving you facts (not fads and personal opinions) thus empowering you to make an informed a choice on the product that is right for your set of needs.

We also have a great retail experience waiting for you in store, but don’t take our word for it – feel free to read through the hundreds of happy customer reviews or start a live chat to speak to one of our experts 24/7.


Simply because ergonomics is a science, not a fad, not an opinion. It is fact! And therefore,

as all ergonomically designed articles have been found to be far superior to their non-ergonomic counterparts, so too ergonomic beds!

And… Since your bed determines your efficiency at work, your quality and enjoyment of life… you want the best right? Especially if it is as affordable as beds from the well-known brands,

So – visit Beds for Backs soon. Test, Compare, Explore the differences between ergonomic and non-ergonomic beds, then –


Want to know more? Speak to one of our bed experts. Ph: 1800 96 10 10

Customer reviews

Don’t take our word for it, read what our customers have to say.

The only place you should buy your bed from.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 30, 2018

Firstly let me say that I cannot rate Beds for Backs highly enough as a company. Not only are their beds fully customisable to solve any musculoskeletal problems your current bed may be causing or aggravating, but they are also made right here in Australia.

So amazingly helpful! Great nights sleep!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 5, 2018

After disassembling our bed because of a renovation we needed help reassembling it. Rick Morris from the Nunawading store came on a Sunday evening and helped us to reassemble it so that we again were sleeping like babes and woke up without an ache or pain. Bravo Bed for Backs!

Came back for another mattress after 7 years

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 29, 2018

Absolutely love the spine support mattress. I purchased my first spine aligner mattress 7 years ago. It is still in very good condition and offers excellent support. Kevin from Nunawading store is nothing but helpful, sweat and kind. He looks after us. Very good service. 10 out of 10

Best service and products in town!!!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 1, 2018

Can't speak highly enough of the team at Campbellfield. Product knowledge & service were amazing they took the time to speak to us about our specific needs to match us to a bed that satisfies every need. Even offered to come to our home to assist in adjusting the dials!